MutaPath.write_lines(lines, encoding=None, errors='strict', linesep=<object object>, append=False)[source]

Write the given lines of text to this file.

By default this overwrites any existing file at this path.

This puts a platform-specific newline sequence on every line. See linesep below.

lines - A list of strings.

encoding - A Unicode encoding to use. This applies only if

lines contains any Unicode strings.

errors - How to handle errors in Unicode encoding. This

also applies only to Unicode strings.

linesep - (deprecated) The desired line-ending. This line-ending is

applied to every line. If a line already has any standard line ending ('\r', '\n', '\r\n', u'\x85', u'\r\x85', u'\u2028'), that will be stripped off and this will be used instead. The default is os.linesep, which is platform-dependent ('\r\n' on Windows, '\n' on Unix, etc.). Specify None to write the lines as-is, like .writelines on a file object.

Use the keyword argument append=True to append lines to the file. The default is to overwrite the file.